Friday, February 06, 2004

A Month Off

Trying to conceive is fun - and a lot of hard work. The joy of having a whole lot of sex fades away each month when we find out that we have not been successful.

For some reason - in the middle of my month off - K tells me that the damn fertility monitor says we should have sex tonight. I thought that stupid thing died last year. I hate the monitor. It was just one more thing for my wife to obsess about, and one more useless thing that did not help us get pregnant.

Never one to complain - I again rose to the challenge and we tried to get pregnant the "old fashioned" way. No injections, no shower for my sample, no baster, and no $1500 to the fertility doctor. I put the dogs out for the night, lit a few candles, and we went at it like teenagers.

Three weeks later - after putting the daughter to bed, I come down stairs for an evening of television. K tells me that she is pregnant - hence the beginning of this blog.

After two years of trying, of Clomid, of Injectables, of basting - we finally get pregnant without any artificial assistance.

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