Monday, March 15, 2004

26 Weeks and counting

K was able to conceal the pregnancy for almost 5 months. I am not sure why she enjoys this so, but being able to maintain her figurel better than the other preggies really brightens her day.

We got through the amnio - I will have to tell you about that one of these days.

Did I ever tell you about when W was born? This is another good story. I will have to start it tomorrow.

Friday, February 06, 2004

A Month Off

Trying to conceive is fun - and a lot of hard work. The joy of having a whole lot of sex fades away each month when we find out that we have not been successful.

For some reason - in the middle of my month off - K tells me that the damn fertility monitor says we should have sex tonight. I thought that stupid thing died last year. I hate the monitor. It was just one more thing for my wife to obsess about, and one more useless thing that did not help us get pregnant.

Never one to complain - I again rose to the challenge and we tried to get pregnant the "old fashioned" way. No injections, no shower for my sample, no baster, and no $1500 to the fertility doctor. I put the dogs out for the night, lit a few candles, and we went at it like teenagers.

Three weeks later - after putting the daughter to bed, I come down stairs for an evening of television. K tells me that she is pregnant - hence the beginning of this blog.

After two years of trying, of Clomid, of Injectables, of basting - we finally get pregnant without any artificial assistance.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Time to Schedule

IVF is a two month process. The first month, you suppress ovulation, and the following month you stimulate those darn ovaries. But my wife is not a traditional 28 day cycle girl - more like 32-35 days. This puts the IVF procedure anywhere from 8-10 weeks away. This would be fine, but we have already paid for our vacation to Hawaii, and we leave in 9 weeks. A well deserved vacation is just what we need. It is going to be close, but I don't think we will be able to squeeze it in before the trip. Maybe we should skip one month and then start the process.

After the inevitable argument about my insensitivity, we leave with the schedule still up in the air. A week later the doctor & K decide that the timeline won't work, and we should delay for a month. Isn't that what I suggested?

Friday, January 23, 2004


The cost of the IVF procedure is around $10,000 per shot + additional monies for prescriptions. The cost might add up to around 15K per. I have good insurance, and they will cover half of the procedure, and all of the prescriptions. Still - that is going to cost of 5 grand per try. We have enough cash on hand for 4 or 5 attempts, and then we will need to start dipping into our home equity.

I understand that you might think we are nuts. Why not just adopt? Or be a foster parent? Foreign adoption is very popular right now, and one of my daughters best friends is from China.

Adoption would be fine, and if the IVF does not work, we will likely pursue that avenue. But we want to try this first.

Thursday, January 15, 2004


Lets talk about this process a little bit. They stimulate the ovaries with the injectables, harvest the eggs, collect another fine sample from me, do the shower thing, and then mix everything up in a Petri dish. So much for romance.

During this whole process, we were mildly concerned about multiple births. They told us we had a slightly elevated chance of having twins, but triplets would be "highly unlikely". But now with IVF, the risk of multiple births is "slightly higher than slightly elevated". I never got a good feel for what that meant. They asked us to think about the possibility of multiples and the concept of selective reduction. I suddenly pictured us in the national media like the McCaughey family with septuplets. Damn that woman needed to get her teeth fixed.

I usually avoid the whole pro-life / pro-choice debate, but the thought of "selectively reduction" sort of gives me the willies.

The fertility doc tells us that if she gets 4 or 5 good embryos, she will likely implant them all. The success rate of IVF is only about 25% per attempt.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

More Tries

Because of the stimulation of the ovaries, you can only use injectables every other month. We took one month off and restarted the regimen. This time with 4 ampules per night. Once again, K was popping eggs like crazy, but no luck.

Another month off, and now 5 ampules per night. Still no luck.

They want to talk to us about IVF.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Thus far, the CLOMID and the INSEMINATOR had not worked. The time had come to step this up another notch. We were going to stimulate K's ovaries with injectables.

We were given several options on medicine to use. They all performed well, but GONEL F seemed to have the fewest side effects. This was the most expensive of the 3 drugs, and the cost was right around $2000 per month. THANK GOODNESS this was covered by my medical insurance. Lots and lots of couples have to pay this out of pocket.

K can either give herself a shot in the thigh, or I can give her one in the ass. I could not imagine giving ones self a shot in their own thigh, so I volunteered to manage the whole injection thing. Mix one ampule of water, and three ampules of medicine, find the correct spot in the appropriate cheek (alternating left to right), clean with an alcohol wipe, and stick her. The needles were small, and the process went fairly smooth for 10 days.

My wife goes back to the fertility doctor and Holy Fucking Popcorn Machine - we have eggs. It looks like about 4 or 5 of those babies are about to pop out.

Now I have been a trooper throughout this whole thing. I really want another kid, and throughout this whole process, they tell us that there is a slight risk of having twins. Twins would be cool. I could deal with twins. But quintuplets? Oh My Gosh!

Calm down Jim - even with 4 or 5 eggs, we are unlikely to have multiples.

That night, I give her the triggering injection and two days later, back to the gridiron room. Another fine sample, another warm bath, another round with the inseminator, and hopefully we all knocked up again.

Once again - not to be.

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